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Our Service Department is where we show just how reliable we are. All of our service mechanics are extremely knowledgeable in this trade. Our troubleshooting capabilities are way more advanced than most other companies. The best part about Genco is that we know our mechanics and we work together as a team to overcome issues to come up with solutions. Our Engineering Department consists of some of the most prestigious techs in the industry. Having a company filled with this knowledge allows us to consistently fix your elevator at a reasonable pace. We are aware that you do not want to walk up the stairs and make sure that you don’t have to. At Genco we are extremely specific about who we allow to join our team and pick cautiously. When evaluating a mechanic our owners cautiously evaluate and select our mechanics based on knowledge, accountability, and presentation. We are aware that we are walking into your home or place of business and we represent ourselves respectfully and get the job done. Due to our Class A team we are comfortable to guarantee our customers top notch service.


Our Repair Departments quality and timely work is one of the most major keys to our operation. Although our main purpose is to prevent our elevators from breaking down, wear and tear does happen. When elevators break we make sure we jump right on the issue and brainstorm on the most effective way to approach the issues at hand. This department will then execute the work in a timely manner and provide you with the prompt service that Genco is known for. Our goal is to provide our customers with the safest and most efficient elevators at all times. Our repair teams job is to not only repair or fix your elevator, but to look into the issue and make sure this issue and other issues will not happen again. Our teams will discuss with building personnel to layout the most convenient way to attack this issue without disrupting your buildings daily routine. There is never a convenient time for an elevator to breakdown but when it does we make sure we make this experience a less painful one.   

Our Modernization Department consists of the removal of necessary elevator equipment and installation of new equipment. All elevators that are being modernized are either outdated or do not meet the requirements of the New York City Department of Buildings. The DOB (Department of Buildings) sets certain requirements in order to insure the safety of your elevator. Us as the elevator company will make sure your elevators are code compliant and will give FREE estimates on your equipment if they are not. At Genco we know that modernizing an elevator can be timely and inconvenient. In order to make your modernization experience less of a burden we will work with the building to set specific schedules to your convenience. We also in our 15 years of being in business have never missed a deadline. We know that our customers depend on us to get the job done and we’ve never let them down.



At GENCO ELEVATOR we pride ourselves on our top notch service and dedication to our clients. We are a very reliable company whose goal is to provide New York with quality and most importantly safe elevators. We've shown that with our expertise we can better the ride quality and safety of our passengers. Our owners carry 100+ years experience and are hands on in making sure your elevator needs are met. Genco has been established and servicing the New York area for approximately 15 years and has built a great reputation in the elevator industry. The difference between us and other companies is that we are personable; we know who you are and enjoy developing long term relationships with each of our customers. GENCO ELEVATOR is a Local One shop who carry only skilled and trained employees. We specialize in service, modernization, repairs, violation removals and new construction.


We had Genco replace the controller and elevator machine in two buildings.  They strictly kept to schedule which was several weeks shorter than other companies that offered proposals.  Their fees were also quite reasonable.

- David F.



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